Bottled water filtration

Bottled water filtration depends on local legislation and source of water. Typical applications include removal of particulates, removal of Cryptosporidium oocysts and removal of pathogens. In addition, filtration is employed before disinfection/treatment processes and also to achieve visual clarity. 

Filtration will ensure that water is suitable for human consumption and remove impurities that could alter the taste of water.

Particulate removal/Trap Filtration:
5 micron acuraPromelt absolute filter cartridges are used at source to remove any suspended particles.  These are also used for particulate removal after multimedia filtration to trap particulates from sand or carbon bed.

Pre-UV Filtration:
STERALine PBT sanitary cartridge filter housings and acuraPromelt filter cartridges are used to remove particulates that can interfere with UV light treatment.

Post UV Filtration:
1 micron CRYPTOPleat filter cartridges have been tested for Cryptosporidium removal and provide a secondary barrier to removal of cysts.

Demineralisation/Remineralisation Processes:
1 micron acuraPromelt trap filter cartridges can be used to capture any resin particles in water bottling plants that use demineralisation/remineralisation Processes.

Sterile filtration:
STERIPleat Bev membranes filter cartridges are validated for microbial removal down to 0.2 micron and provide reliable removal of bacteria. Some processes use 0.45 or 0.65 micron membrane filter cartridges followed by UV or Ozone treatment for complete disinfection.

Tank venting:
STERIPleat Vent filter cartridges are validated for bacteria removal from gases and provide an effective barrier to contamination by airborne microorganisms. Rated at 0.2 micron, STERIPleat Vent filter cartridges have been specially designed for tank vent filtration.

Sparkling Water Carbonation:
STERIPleat PTFE filter cartridges provide sterile filtration of carbon dioxide used for carbonation of sparkling water and eliminate a potential source of bottled water contamination.

Compliant filtration products for beverage industry:
– Manufactured from FDA approved components
– Meet or exceed the requirement of latest EC directive for food contact.
– Suitable for repeated hot water sanitisation cycles
– Tested using industry approved test methods for reliable
removal of particulates and microbes
– Excellent dirt holding capacity for increased life, reduced cost and labour
– Hygienic 316L stainless steel filter housing with free flowing design to discourage microbial growth.
– Manufactured in cleanroom environment to minimise risk of contamination.