Filter monitoring

New acuraControl Intelligent filter monitor and acuraDP Gauge to measure differential pressure, flow rate, temperature & pressure.

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Product Spotlight

Bag Filters

An extensive range of bag filtration products for industrial, food & beverage applications. Our filter bags provide excellent process performance,...
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Cartridge Filters

Siga Filtration offers an extensive range of liquid & gas filter cartridges for applications ranging from industrial water and chemicals to bacter...
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Filter Housings

Wide range of single & multi cartridge filter housings, single and multi bag filter housings and sanitary filter housings in 304 Stainless Steel, ...
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Inline filters

Complete range of inline filters in plastic and Stainless Steel. Inline filters provide an easy installation solution with minimum pipe m...
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Our Solutions

Sidestream Filtration – CHW, LTHW, MTHW

Sidestream filters work by filtering a small percentage of full flow (5 – 15%) so that the complete system volume is filtered 2 – 3 times every 24 hours. Sidestream filters provide an excellent solution for filtering high volumes of CHW and LTHW or MTHW.

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Beer Filtration

Beer production has been steadily increasing across Europe, with Germany and United Kingdom being the biggest producers and consumers respectively.  Figures from British Beer and…

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CNC machine coolant filtration

Machine coolants not only provide efficient heat transfer but also remove chips from work surfaces and prevent the tools from re-cutting or welding on to materials or chips.  Filtration of machine coolant can reduce wear by removing chips from coolant, provide efficient heat transfer, reduce the risk of tooling fracture and increase tool life.

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Plastic injection moulding machine filters

Cooling water is a critical processing component of plastic injection moulding process. Siga Filtration can offer a range of products to remove scale and rust…

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