Cryptosporidium removal filters

Cryptosporidium is a protozoan parasite that infects animals and humans. Infection results in a diarrhoeal disease called cryptosporidiosis. Cryptosporidium poses a challenge to water treatment processes because of its small size (4-6μm) and resistance to chlorine. 

Our HFX high flow filter elements with the ‘CR’ media can effectively remove 99.95% of Cryptosporidium and meet the requirement of NSF 53 Standard. All HFX High Flow filter elements are manufactured from food safe components. These can be used for flow rates of 20 m3/h to 200 m3/h in a wide range of applications in the food & beverage industry. 

ZXFlow HF filter housing for high flow elements

ZXFLow HF Series filters provide a high flow rate solution with a single large diameter filter element and can be installed horizontally or vertically. This filter can be used for water flow rates of up to 60 m3/h with 40” and 90 m3/h with 60” HFX high flow filter element. Suitable for 10 bar operating pressure. See compatible HFX High Flow Filter Elements for this housing. 

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HFX High Flow Filter Element

HFX High Flow filter elements feature a high surface area pleated construction (160mm OD) in lengths of 20”, 40” & 60” for high flow rate or high dirt load applications. A single high surface area design eliminates the need for multi-cartridge vessels and reduces maintenance demand.  Absolute rated Polypropylene or Glass Fibre media provides 99.98% removal of particles. HFX high flow elements can be supplied with a special 'CR' media for the removal of Cryptosporidium.  HFX elements can be used with our ZXFlow HF filter housings.

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