Plastic injection moulding machine filters

Cooling water is a critical processing component of plastic injection moulding process. Siga Filtration can offer a range of products to remove scale and rust from recirculating cooling water used in mould tools of plastic injection moulding machines.

Recirculating cooling water accumulates corrosion products from mould and piping, contaminants from seals, sediment from makeup water and scale due to incorrect water treatment. These contaminants can cause uneven temperature on mould surface and block mould cooling channels and heat exchanger tubes. Insufficient temperature control during the cooling cycle can result in inconsistent part dimensions, sink marks, poor surface finish and warped sections. Whether you are using an open circuit cooling water system or dedicated chillers, a correctly sized filtration system will ensure efficient heat transfer, reduce cycle times, reduce rejections and keep your moulds performing at optimum levels. Please see our range of plastic injection moulding machine filters below.