CNC machine coolant filtration

Machine coolants not only provide efficient heat transfer but also remove chips from work surfaces and prevent the tools from re-cutting or welding on to materials or chips.  Filtration of machine coolant can reduce wear by removing chips from coolant, provide efficient heat transfer, reduce the risk of tooling fracture and increase tool life.

Benefits of filtering CNC coolant:

– Longer coolant and machine life
– Less equipment downtime
– Improved production rate
– Reduced rejections and defective parts
– Improved surface finish
– Longer tool life
– Reduced consumables costs
– Reduced coolant disposal costs
– Avoid rough cuts
– Discourage bacterial growth

A correctly sized filter for CNC coolant should:

– Provide low clean pressure drop to avoid slowing down the coolant flow rate
– Remove chips of all sizes and shapes throughout the depth of the cartridge
– Compatible with the coolant (should not swell or break down in the coolant)
– Provide a reasonable life to avoid frequent change-outs and downtime