Machine coolants not only provide efficient heat transfer but also remove chips from work surfaces and prevent the tools from re-cutting or welding on to materials or chips.  Filtration of machine coolant can reduce wear by removing chips from coolant, provide efficient heat transfer, reduce the risk of tooling fracture and increase tool life.

The benefits of filtering CNC coolant


  • ➤ Longer coolant and machine life
  • ➤ Less equipment downtime
  • ➤ Improved production rate
  • ➤ Reduced rejections and defective parts
  • ➤ Improved surface finish
  • ➤ Longer tool life
  • ➤ Reduced consumables costs
  • ➤ Reduced coolant disposal costs
  • ➤ Avoid rough cuts
  • ➤ Discourage bacterial growth


1FU Single Cartridge Filter Housing (Threaded Closure)

Compact SS housing, 1" connections. Water, chemicals, CNC, inks, paints, coatings, fine particulate removal. 

acuraLine 1FU single cartridge filter housings are constructed from stainless steel and come with a threaded closure. These are compact units with inline connections for easy installation, suitable for a single cartridge of 5", 10", 20" or 30" length. 1FU housings can be supplied with a fully assembled DP gauge for reliable indication of blocked filter element. An operating pressure of 25 bar, flow capability of 6 m3/h and inline connections for easy installation, make this housing a practical choice for industrial applications.  See datasheet for range of useful accessories for this housing.  Use with removable and cleanable acuraScreen Stainless Steel Element Use with disposable acuraMultiflow Polypropylene spun element for fine particulate removal View our differential pressure measurement solutions

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acuraMultiflow PP Depth Filter Cartridge

acuraMultiflow is a nominal meltbolown depth filter cartridge which provides exceptional performance in clarification and prefiltration applications. These cartridges work by trapping a wide range of particle sizes throughout the fibre matrix. 100% Polypropylene construction provides excellent thermal and chemical resistance, making acuraMultiflow filter cartridges ideal for use in water and chemicals. These filters are also suitable for food contact and can be used in food & beverage applications.  View range of cartridge filter housings Absolute removal required? See acuraPromelt. 

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PBH bag filter housing sizing guide from Siga filtration.
PBH Bag Filter Housing for 10″ & 20″ filter bags

Molded from rugged reinforced polypropylene, PBH Bag Vessel Filter Housings offer outstanding chemical compatibility and are ideal for use in a variety of low-flow applications. These applications include residential prefiltration, food service, along with commercial and industrial applications for water filtration and chemical filtration. PBH Bag filter housing kits come complete with spanner, gauge and drain valve.

  • Lightweight corrosion resistant polypropylene construction gives you strength without weight
  • Choice of 10″ or 20″ housings
  • Available in 1″ NPT and 1-1/2″ BSP sizes
  • Come complete with gauge, wrench, and 3/8″ drain valve
  • Light enough to be portable
  • Economically priced

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BP/BN filter bags – 10″ & 20″ bags for PBH housings

BP & BN Series Filter Bags feature a thermally-welded, unique design that results in consistent filtration efficiencies. They are designed to fit the PBH-410 and PBH-420 Housings. Higher productivity can be achieved with faster bag change-outs. The semi-rigid cylindrical design is easily crushed and incinerated. BP Series (Polypropylene Felt) Filtration ratings from 1 to 200 microns to comply with any filtration requirement. Manufactured from felt due to its high solids loading capabilities versus similar mesh fabrics.  A glazed finish, created by melting the outermost surface fibers, is used to produce a bond that reduces the possibility of migration.  BN Series (Strainer) Woven monofilment materials are offered in nylon with micron ratings of 50 to 800. Efficiencies from 75 to 95%. Materials are cleanable and reusable.  View PBH bag housings for BP/BN filter bags View the complete range of filter bags View the complete range of food and beverage filters

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ALSI Bag Housing for Size 3 & 4 (4″ Dia) Filter Bags - Industrial

acuraLine ALSI Series Bag Filter Housings are compact industrial units designed for prefiltration or non-critical applications. Manufactured from 304 (optional 316) Stainless Steel, ALSI bag filter housings feature a quick release triclamp closure (optional bolted closure) and come complete with a bag locking plate and perforated Stainless Steel basket.

  • Water, paints, oils, fuels and chemicals
  • Free-flowing design
  • Flow rate: from 1 to 15 m3/hr
  • Material: 304 or 316 Stainless Steel
  • Bag size: 3 (4″ x 8.8″) or 4 (4″ x 15″)
  • Max. operating pressure: 10 bar (16 bar with bolted closure)
  • Max. operating temperature: -10/+80°C
  View our Differential Pressure Measurement solutions

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High flow fluid filter bags.
acuraBag® – Standard filter bags with plastic collar

acuraBag Filter Bags offer a cost effective solution for high flow rate filtration. Available in a range of micron ratings and industry standard sizes 1, 2, 3 & 4 (4" & 7" diameter), all acuraBag filter bags are Silicone free, come with integrated handles for easy removal and supplied individually wrapped to avoid contamination. Polyester felt material is ideal for high temperature applications. acuraBag filter bags can be used for the filtration of water, waste water, oil, cutting fluids, paints, inks, acids, food oils & beverages. All seams are welded (felt bags only) and the bags are supplied with our positive sealing bypass free (polypropylene or polyester) collars. View complete range of filter bags   View complete range of bag filter housings

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