Plating & Metal Finishing Filters

Siga Filtration offers particulates and organics removal for the electroplating and metal finishing industry. Continuous filtration with particulate and carbon filters maintains the plating solution by removing insoluble particles and organics.

Particulates may be introduced by parts, drag in, corrosion and air which can cause unacceptable rough plating. Organics are usually introduced due to brightener break down and oil drag in. Failure to remove organics can result in dull deposit and pitting.  

Usually, 1, 5 or 10 micron filters are sufficient for particulate removal from plating baths. We also offer high efficiency 0.2 micron filters with single open end caps for precision plating applications. A solution turnover rate of one to three times per hour can keep particulates and organics in check.

Our Polypropylene filter housings and elements provide excellent chemical resistance against plating solutions commonly used in plating baths.

  • Particulate removal

    Our range of Polypropylene filter housings and elements can remove suspended solids from plating solutions and reduce defects and rough plating. acuraMultiflow Nominal filter elements…

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  • Carbon Polishing (Organics Removal)

    KEMISorb carbon elements provide a high surface area carbon block for effective removal of organics due to brightener breakdown and drag in. These elements come…

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