KEMISorb Food Grade Carbon Block Filter

KEMISorb filter elements feature a high surface area sintered carbon block and a built in prefiltration layer for effective sediment removal. These elements are used for the reduction of Chlorine, Ozone and colour from water, alcohols, plating baths and solvents. A highly rigid carbon block eliminates fluidising, channelling or bypass as compared to conventional granular carbon elements. All polymeric construction provides excellent chemical resistance. All KEMISorb elements are traceable with a unique identification embossed on every cartridge.

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Applications: Colour, ozone and organics reduction from water, food products, alcohol, plating baths, solvents

Prefiltration layer: 5 micron particulate removal layer to protect carbon block

Carbon Block: High surface area sintered block combines powdered and granular carbon

Traceability: Identification embossed on filter element

Available lengths: 249, 509, 763, 1015mm (10″, 20″, 30″, 40″)

Outer diameter: 66.5 mm

Core diameter: 27 mm

Max. operating temperature: 80°C

Sterilisation (With reinforced end caps only)

Steam: 121°C for 15 mins (20 cycles)

Hot water : 90°C for 30 mins (0.2 bar Δp max)

Recommended changeout differential pressure: 2.5 bar