STERALine FBH Bag Filter Housing (Size 1 & 2) – Food Grade

Food grade bag filter housing for 7" diameter filter bags or stainless steel mesh basket. Filtration of beer, spirits, beverages & water.

STERALine FBH food grade bag filter housings for 7″ diameter filter bags or stainless steel mesh baskets.  Designed for particulate removal in the food & beverage industry for the filtration of beer, whisky, vodka, infused gin, honey, kombucha and water used in food production. These bag filter housings can be used for fine or coarse filtration. BREWBag filter bags can provide filtration from 0.5 – 1000 micron. Stainless steel mesh baskets provide a reusable and cleanable filtration solution and are available in micron ratings from 25 – 2000 micron. STERALine FBH bag filter housings are constructed from 316L stainless steel to food grade specifications and are available in a range of sanitary fittings like triclamps, DIN11851, RJT or SMS. On request these can be supplied with threaded or flanged connections. Find out more about our Food & Beverage products. 


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