Bag Filter Housings - Stainless Steel

Designed for bulk reduction of sediment, rust and particulates from water, paints, fuels, oils and chemicals. Our bag filter housings provide reliable and consistent performance in liquid filtration applications. Compliant with EU Pressure Equipment Directive.

  • BFOS and BFOT filter bag housings in single, duty/duty or duty/standby arrangement. Flow rate capability from 5 – 50 m3/hr. Suitable for size 1 or 2 (7″ diameter bags).
  • Multi bag housings (Up to 12 bags) in Stainless Steel for flow rates up to 300 m3/hr. Suitable for Size 2 (7″ diameter bags).
  • ALSI compact bag filter housings for minimal foot print. Flow rate capability from 0.5 – 5 m3/hr. Suitable for size 3 or 4 (4″ diameter bags).
  • Select acuraDP gauge to indicate blocked filters or acuraControl unit for intelligent filter monitoring.
  • All Size 1 & 2 bag filter housings (BFOS & BFOT) come with a heavy duty bolted hinged lid as standard. Size 3 & 4 housings (ALSI) can also be supplied with optional bolted lid.
  • All bag filter vessels can be supplied with high strength industrial magnets for rust or metal particle removal.