Self cleaning wedge wire filter KSF-700-TL / KSF-1000-TL

Flow rate: Up to 35 m3/h
Cleaning mechanism: Scraper plate
Cleaning Frequency: Continuous
Element micron rating: 35 – 3000
Connections: DN65, DN80
Backflush required: No

Low maintenance, easy to operate, continuous cleaning with KSF Series self-cleaning filters.

KSF –TL self-cleaning filters come with a removable motor, lid and scraper assembly which makes it easy to clean, sanitise or replace wedge wire element. This is also useful for food or batch applications where the unit must be cleaned after each batch. In addition, a flushing port is provided to clean the assembly in situ.

Top mounted electric motor continuously rotates a scraper on the surface of an internal wedge wire element to remove dirt. This eliminates the need for backwashing and makes these filters easy to use and maintain.

A manual drain valve can be used to remove the dirt from the vessel at regular intervals. Alternatively, an optional pneumatically operated valve with timer can be used to remove dirt automatically at timed intervals.

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Inlet / outlet
KSF-700-TL: DN65 PN16
KSF-1000-TL: DN80 PN16
1/8" BSPF
Housing material
Stainless steel 1.4571
Wedge wire basket material
Stainless steel 1.4435
Housing gasket
Max. operat. pressure
10 bar
Max. temperature
Micron ratings
35 to 3000 µm
PED Compliance
KSF-700-TL : 15 L
KSF-1000-TL: 26.5 L
Flow rate
KSF-700-TL : < 25 m3/h
KSF-1000-TL: < 35 m3/h
400 V, 50 Hz (IP54 / IP65)
(ATEX optional)