2BFOS2 Twin Bag Filter Housings (Duty/Duty)

2 x BFOS2 bag filter housings in duty/duty arrangement for high flow rate applications of up to 70 m3/hr. These units provide an economical option for filtering large volumes of liquids and are supplied fully assembled.

  • Double the flow rate capability of a single unit
  • 2 x Size 2 bags
  • Front or side inlet/outlet configuration to suit site requirements
  • Supplied fully assembled for easy installation
  • 3″ or 4″ PN16 flanged connections
  • Optional differential pressure gauge
  • Specifications
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Sidestream, oils, chemicals, water, paints & food products.
3" or 4" PN16 flanges
Front or side inlet/outlet
Standard hinged lid with swing bolts to withstand use in demanding applications.
Filter bag size:
Size 1 bag: 7” x 16”
Size 2 bag: 7” x 32”
Basket area:
Size 1 bag: 0.25m2
Size 2 bag: 0.50m2
Housing material:
Basket material:
Adjustable legs
Max. Allowable Working Temperature:
PED compliance:
GROUP 2 Liquids