Beer Filtration Application Guide

What is Beer Filtration?

Beer Filtration is the process that involves filtration systems being used end of line, prior to bottling/kegging to give a bright beer finish and improve shelf life.


Brewery and Beer Filtration Solutions

The Stages of Beer Filtration

Siga Filtration offers filtration systems for small and large breweries for particulate, yeast and bacteria removal. These end of line filtration systems follow a 3 step removal process: 

Stage 1 – Clarification

This stage of the process primarily focuses on the reduction of solid load to reduce the burden on fine filters and sterile filters. A hop removal stage might also be required. Our acuraBasket cleanable mesh baskets have been used successfully for hop removal. 

Stage 2 – Fine Particulate & Yeast Removal

Step 2 involves removing the fine particulates, yeast and other compounds that might cause beer haze after chilling. This stage is important as it protects the sterile membrane for the final stage of beer filtration. 

Stage 3 – Sterile Filtration

This involves the removal of beer spoilage organisms to increase the shelf life of beer. Our food grade products use sterilizing grade elements that are manufactured in ISO cleanroom environments. We also use hygienic 316L Stainless Steel filter housings with free flow designs to discourage microbial growth.

The Beer Filtration Process

The beer filtration process can be dissected into three distinct filtration stages that each require a different type of filter. While your filtration system may fit into one of these three processes, you may also require a bespoke filtration solution. Siga Filtration can supply customised solutions for beer filtration. 

Our Food Grade Filters 

FINEPleat PP – Polypropylene pleated filter cartridge


STERALine FBH Duplex Bag Filter Housings – Hygenic


FINEPleat GF – Glass Fibre pleated filter cartridge



acuraBasket – Stainless Steel Mesh Basket For Bag Housings



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