A wide range of accessories is available for all filter housings. Please refer to product datasheets for list of available accessories for your filter housing model. Datasheets can be downloaded from product page or Library section of the website. Types of accessories as follows:

– Differential pressure gauges. These can be supplied fully assembled at the time of order. We can supply a DP gauge kit for customers to install on site if the unit has already been installed.

– Reed switches (one or two contact). These are supplied with DP gauges and can be used to send an external signal.

– Intelligent filter monitoring with acuraControl unit (with or without plc integration) to measure and log flow rate, differential pressure, temperature and many other parameters.

– Adaptors and reducers to change connection size and type e.g. BSP threads to triclamps, DIN11851, camlocks etc.

– Pressure gauges, automatic air vents, drain valves and venting kits.