Alternative filter bags

Siga Filtration can replace filter bags by other manufacturers. All alternative filter bags are supplied with the same dimensions as existing filter bags and provide easy replacement at no loss of performance. Our customers approach us for alternatives to their existing filter bags due to high replacement costs, unsatisfactory performance, long lead times, supply issues or discontinued product. We can cross reference the existing filter bag and ensure that any equivalent bags are a direct match in fit, form and function. Siga Filtration can supply Polypropylene felt and Polyester felt filter bags in 0.5 - 200 micron in nominal or absolute ratings. Our Nylon mesh bags can be supplied from 1 - 1800 micron. All filter bags are available in 4", 7" and Pall FSI® X01 ring size. We can also supply customised filter bags and ring sizes depending on application and customer requirements. Food & Beverage grade filter bags are also available as standard.


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