Standard or customised stainless steel cartridges for chemicals, high viscosity liquids, food, beverage & process applications. 


SINTRIPore filter cartridges are manufactured from 316L stainless steel in absolute micron ratings from 3 – 1000 micron. These filters can be supplied in cylindrical or pleated construction in metal fibre, sintered powder, or mesh type media for all types of industrial applications.

SINTRIPore stainless steel cartridges provide efficient filtration in aggressive process applications. Their reusable design allows multiple uses and provides a cost effective alternative to disposable elements. A robust 316L stainless steel construction makes SINTRIPore elements suitable for high temperature, corrosive and high viscosity applications.  These stainless steel cartridges are also suitable for use in food applications. Typical uses include catalyst recovery, food & beverage, chemical production, culinary steam, process streams, high viscosity liquids. 

Use with compact 1FU single cartridge filter housing for industrial applications
Use with STERALine PBT filter housings for food & beverage applications
Use with STERALine GT filter housing for gas applications
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