Food grade basket filtration system in duplex arrangement mounted on a trolley with mesh lined Stainless Steel baskets.


FBH MINI is a compact bag filter housing suitable for Size 3 & Size 4 bags. These food grade bag filter housings are manufactured from 316L stainless Steel and widely used in food and beverage applications. This particular application required a cleanable filtration solution which was achieved by supplying the filters with a mesh lined basket. This basket can be removed with a handle and cleaned by pressure washing. Stainless Steel mesh baskets can provide cost saving by eliminating the need for polymeric filter bags. Mobile trolley units provide a practical solution for applications where intermittent or batch filtration is required and the filter needs to be stored away between uses. Mobile filters can also be used for filtering across the site with a single filter which can avoid the need to install multiple filters if regular filtration is not required. 

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