Manual Cleaning Filter with Hand Wheel KSF-1FU(C)

Flow rate: Up to 3.5 m3/h
Cleaning mechanism: Handwheel Scraper plate
Cleaning Frequency: Manual
Element micron rating: 100 – 3000
Connections: 1″BSPF
Backflush required: No

KSF-1FU(C) Filters provide a low maintenance filtration solution for applications with small to medium dirt loads.
– Applications in water, wastewater, inks, chemicals, oils
– Flow capability: Up to 3.5 m3/h
– Wedge wire basket for reliable particulate removal
– Cleaning is achieved by rotating a hand wheel connected to a scraper plate. This plate rotates around the wedge wire basket and scrapes the dirt off basket surface. Dirt is collected at the bottom of the
sump which can be removed at regular intervals.
– Optional differential pressure gauge to indicate blocked element

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Water, wastewater, inks, chemicals, oils.

Threaded or clamped

Filter Element
Wedge wire element

Cleaning mechanism
Manually rotated scraper plate

1” BSPF inline connections

1” Drain valve

Operating temperature

Operating pressure
25 bar

Basket micron ratings
100 – 3000 µm

Max. flow rate  3.5 m3/h

Housing material
304 Stainless Steel (Optional 316SS)

Basket material
316 Stainless Steel



PED compliance
Group 2 Liquids (Please contact sales for other applications)