FLOWStream FLS Sidestream Filters for CHW & LTHW circuits

Sidestream filtration system for chilled and hot water circuits.

BSRIA Member

FLOWStream FLS units are user-friendly, low maintenance filters for sidestream filtration applications in the HVAC industry. These systems are supplied fully assembled and ready to use. Once installed, FLOWStream FLS units require minimal maintenance. Operator input is only needed for filter replacement. A fully assembled DP gauge with reed switch provides a visual indication of blocked filters on a coloured dial and sends a filter blocked signal at 90% blockage. A second signal trips the pump at 100% blockage to avoid damage to the filter. A high surface area large diameter filter element provides a long service life. These filters can also be used with filter bags and equipped with high strength magnets. All elements are equipped with a handle for easy installation and removal from the filter housing.

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