Filter Skids & Trolleys

Siga Filtration can offer filter skids & trolley units for use in water, process, pharmaceutical and beverage industry.

– Single or multiple filters on skid to accommodate various filtration stages i.e. pre-filtration, fine filtration etc.
– Filter skids can be supplied with hygienic finish, integrity test points, steam and compressed air lines for CIP and SIP for pharmaceutical or beverage industry.
– Hose couplings on filtration skids provide an easy way to quickly connect/disconnect hoses for mobile applications
– Filtration skids can be supplied with filters in duty/duty or duty/standby configuration
– Range of connection options e.g. flanged, tri-clamp, threaded etc.

  • Specifications

Filtration skids provide a versatile solution for mobile applications (batch processing), temporary filtration projects, site upgrades and retrofits

– Mobile or static filtration units

– Duplex filters in duty/duty or duty/standby arrangement

– Fork lift channels or lifting eyes

– Multiple filtration units

– Compact design

– Optional valves, pumps, gauges

– Customer Specified options