2ALSI2 Duplex Bag Filter Housings (Mini)

ALSI mini bag filter housings (for size 3 or size 4 bags) in duplex arrangement, complete with switchover 3 way valves and differential pressure gauge to indicate blocked filters. Ideal for maintaining continuous liquid flow of up to  12m3/hr. 

These duplex filters can be used with filter bags or mesh lined baskets.

  • Specifications

Sidestream, oils, chemicals, water, paints & food products.

1 1/2″ (Larger connections possible with reducers)
BSP, camlocks, flanged

Clamped or bolted

Bag or mesh basket:
Size 3: 4” x 8.8” (102 x 223mm approx)
Size 4: 4” x 15” (102 x 380mm approx.)

Housing material:
Stainless Steel

Max. Allowable Working Temperature:

Working Pressure:
Clamped closure: 10 bar
Bolted closure: 20 bar

PED compliance:
GROUP 2 Liquids