ALPT Bag Filter Housing for Size 1 or Size 2 filter bags

ALPT bag filter housings feature a topline lid which is sealed with a profile gasket. Housing lid is hinged and keeps the bag in place for by pass free filtration. These housings come as standard with a splash guard, bag support basket, pressure gauge, drain valve and vent valve. Optional differential pressure gauge to indicate blocked bags. 

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Inlet / outlet
D63 2"
Pressure gauge
1/2" with DM-pressure gauge
DN20 - Hose connection with ball valve
Housing material
Polypropylene (Optional PVDF)
Support basket material
Polypropylene (Optional PVDF)
Housing gasket
Max. operat. parameter 1
3 bar at 60°C
Max. operat. parameter 2
6 bar at 30°C
Filter bag size
Bag size 1 (7" x 16")
Bag size 2 (7" x 32")
Filter bag area
Bag size 1 - 0.25 m2
Bag size 2 - 0.50 m2
PED Compliance
GROUP 2 Liquids