ALPS Bag Filter Housing for Size 1 or Size 2 filter bags

Constructed from Polypropylene or PVDF and suitable for bag size 1 & 2, ALPS bag filter housings provide a cost effective alternative for applications where stainless steel is not suitable. Housing lid is hinged and keeps the bag in place for by pass free filtration. These housings come as standard with a splash guard, bag support basket, pressure gauge, drain valve and vent valve.

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Inlet / outlet
DN65 PN10 (loose flange)
DN80 PN10 (loose flange)
Pressure gauge
1/2" BSPF with DM-pressure gauge
1/4" with valve and hose
DN20 - Hose connection and valve
Housing material
Polypropylene (Optional PVDF)
Support basket material
Polypropylene (Optional PVDF)
Housing gasket
EPDM (other materials optional)
Max. operat. parameter 1
3 bar at 60°C
Max. operat. parameter 2
6 bar at 30°C
Filter bag size
Bag size 1 (7" x 16")
Bag size 2 (7" x 32")
Filter bag area
Bag size 1 - 0.25 m2
Bag size 2 - 0.50 m2
PED compliance
GROUP 2 Liquids