acura DP Gauge

acura DP gauges provide reliable indication of blocked filters to filter operators and maintenance personnel. Differential pressure measurement is a reliable way to measure filter life.
Changing filters on time can reduce your consumable spend and eliminate the risk of filter failure.
DP gauges are supplied fully assembled and can be combined with optional reed switch to send an external electrical signal.

  • Specifications

Inlet/outlet connections
G ¼” – SW17

Display range
0 – 2.5 bar

Display accuracy
+/- 3% scale value (with increasing ΔP )

Max. pressure
100 bar

Max. temperature

IP rating
IP65 (EN 60529)

Material (wetted)
Stainless Steel AISI 301/316

Material (access cover)
Polymer fibre-glass reinforced black

Material (gasket)
FPM (Viton)

Reed contacts
30V AC or DC (max.) – 0.3A (max) 3VA (max)