AC-P Cartridge Housing (PP or SAN)

Single cartridge filter housing for standard (64 – 69mm OD) cartridges. Available in Polypropylene or styrene-acrylonitrile (SAN) transparent sump. AC-P filter housings are extremely resistant to oxidation in acids such as hydrochloric and sulfuric acid at concentration up to 70%, as well as in salt solutions, liquid hydrocarbons, alcohols and caustic solutions. Housings with SAN sumps are used for filtration of water and dilute acids at temperatures below 38 °C.

  • Cartridge diameter: 64 – 69mm
  • Cartridge size: 9 7/8″ & 20″ DOE
  • Material: PP I PP/SAN
  • Max. operating pressure: 5.8 bar
  • Max. operating temperature: +38°C
  • Specifications
3/4" BSPF
Vent button
Optional - Plastic with SS screw
Housing head
Housing sump
Polypropylene I SAN (transparent)
Housing seal
NBR (other materials optional)
Max. operating Pressure:
5.8 bar
Max. operating Temperature:
Cartridge support:
DOE (Double open end)
Cartridge length:
10" (251 mm)
20" (508 mm)
PED compliance:
GROUP 2 Liquids