2 x All natural Polypropylene cartridge filter housings installed in series and mounted on a frame for wall installation. Complete with gauges, inlet/outlet PVC valves and releasing spanner. 


All Natural filter housings help maintain high standards of purity and performance required in critical contamination control systems and processes. These all natural polypropylene housings can also be used for a variety of other applications where purity, quality, filtration and economy are required. An economical alternative to fluoropolymer, stainless steel or Teflon housings; these housings are compatible with most major brands of membrane cartridges. All Natural Polypropylene filter housings accommodate a single 10″ or 20″ filter element with 222 double o rings for a secure bypass free seal.  

Features of natural Polypropylene housings:
– 100% plastic construction, no metal parts
– Smooth surfaces to avoid build up of bacteria
– Low hold up volume, compact design 
– By pass free filtration with double o ring seal

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