F451 Automatic SelF Cleaning Filter

Used for particulate removal from process water, sea water, river water, ground and rain water. Flushing activated by a differential pressure switch or a timer. F451 Automatic self cleaning filters are available in a range of pipe sizes (DN50 – DN300) for flow rates from 5 m3/h to 1100 m3/h. 

These are supplied with a cast iron body and 316SS components as standard for process/industrial applications and with Super Duplex, Monel and Super Austenitic SS components for sea water applications. 

ZXFlow HF filter housing for high flow elements

ZXFLow HF Series filters provide a high flow rate solution with a single large diameter filter element and can be installed horizontally or vertically. This filter can be used for water flow rates of up to 60 m3/h with 40” and 90 m3/h with 60” HFX high flow filter element. Suitable for 10 bar operating pressure.

See compatible HFX High Flow Filter Elements for this housing. 

HFX High Flow Filter Element

HFX High Flow filter elements feature a high surface area pleated construction (160mm OD) in lengths of 20”, 40” & 60” for high flow rate or high dirt load applications. A single high surface area design eliminates the need for multi-cartridge vessels and reduces maintenance demand.  Absolute rated Polypropylene or Glass Fibre media provides 99.98% removal of particles. HFX high flow elements can be supplied with a special ‘CR’ media for the removal of Cryptosporidium. 

HFX elements can be used with our ZXFlow HF filter housings.

Mobile hygienic duplex bag filter unit

Hygienic FBH Mini bag housings in duplex arrangement complete with mobile trolley, diaphragm valves, and anti-static castors with brakes. Suitable for food, beverage, and hygienic applications. 

Duplex multi bag filter housing

We can supply all standard filter housings in duplex arrangement for applications that require uninterrupted flow. Multi bag filter housings can be supplied as duplex units with 4, 6, 8 and 12 bags in 304SS and 316SS. 

2 x ALSI bag filter housings in duplex arrangement

ALSI bag filter housings are compact filter units available in size 3 and size 4. This duplex unit was manufactured with three way ball valves to provide an uninterrupted flow solution. An optional DP gauge provides a visual indication of blocked filters. Remote monitoring solutions are available on request. 

Filtration trolley with centrifugal pump

Mobile filtration trolley with pump for filtration of water, paints, chemicals, inks, and solvents.

acuraMobil Bag filter housing with diaphragm pump

acuraMobil Bag filter housing with diaphragm pump on a mobile trolley for filtration of paints. Fully customisable for other applications. 

Mobile filter unit with diaphragm pump – Compact

Mobile filter unit with diaphragm pump for the filtration of paints, inks, and other chemicals. This unit comes fully assembled with a single cartridge filter housing. The stand comes with wheels for moving the filtration unit to multiple filtration points across the site. Includes the following components: 

  • 1FU single cartridge filter housing which can take elements from 0.45 – 2000 micron depending on the application. 
  • Fully assembled DP gauge to indicate blocked filter
  • Regulator to control flow rate
  • Diaphragm pump in Aluminium or Stainless Steel with a range of diaphragm materials for chemical compatibility

This unit can be completely customised to suit process requirements for each application. 

STERIPleat TEFLOUR for chemicals & solvents

100% fluoropolymer STERIPleat TEFLOUR elements provide outstanding chemical resistance in aggressive liquids and gases. These filter elements feature a PTFE membrane and PFA hardware for applications in pharmaceutical, electronics, food and fine chemicals industry.

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