Product Transfer Line Filters for Emerald Kalama


Emerald Kalama is a leading global manufacturer of specialty materials such as benzoic acid, benzaldehyde, and downstream chemistries, with a focus on flavour and fragrance ingredients, non phthalate plasticizers, antimicrobials, synthesis intermediates, and rubber additives.


Emerald were looking for a guard filter to remove particulates during product transfer from storage tanks to drums. The solution needed to be easy to use, allow high flow rate capability and allow for quick assembly/disassembly to avoid disruption.


Siga Filtration supplied our F-SF Series inline filters. These are compact units that come with a removable and cleanable mesh basket, inline connections and quick opening clamped closure. This unit was supplied with 1″ camlocks for quick hose connections.

Benefits of using F-SF Transfer Line Filters

These filters provide a compact solution for the removal of coarse and fine particulates from products and raw materials. When installed on tanker lines to filter raw materials at the point of entry, these filters protect downstream tanks and equipment from impurities entering the process. These filters can also provide an early indication of the quality of raw materials. We can also supply these filters to food grade specifications for use in the food & beverage industry.

Why use Siga Filtration?

Siga Filtration offers filtration solutions for applications in process, water, food, electronics and pharmaceutical industry.



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