Product Transfer Filters for Chemicals Manufacturer

Leading producer of ingredients for food and beverage, personal care, pharmaceutical and industrial applications, such as adhesives & sealants, coatings, polyolefin and vinyl.

Final filtration step. Trap impurities and particulates during product transfers from storage tanks to drums.

F-SF-TW inline product transfer filter is a compact unit which comes with a mesh basket (50 –  2000 micron) and inline connections. This unit was supplied with 1″ camlock connections and 100 micron mesh baskets to successfully remove small particulates during product transfers.

Benefits of using Compact F-SF-TW Filters:

1- Remove particulates from products and raw materials during transfers to and from tanks, tankers, drums and other storage vessels.

2- No consumables required. Removable mesh basket which can be cleaned and installed within minutes.

3- Almost no spares requirements. Unit comes with 1 x Viton seal.

4- Camlock, Tanker Couplings or BSP connections for rapid assembly/disassembly.

5- 304SS Construction with Viton O ring for chemical compatibility.

6- Food grade units are also available.