Particulate & Yeast removal filter elements

Siga Filtration’s range of food-grade cartridge filters provides removal of particulates, fines, and yeast from beverages and food products. FINEPLeat PP and GF elements provide absolute removal efficiencies of up to 99.9%. These elements provide reliable performance as polishing filters, prior to packaging and bottling. When used as pre-filters, these elements increase the life of bioburden reduction membranes.
Spun elements are used for bulk reduction of particulates and are available in nominal and absolute ratings.  

  • FINEPleat PP – Polypropylene pleated filter cartridge

    FINEPleat PP cartridges are manufactured from FDA approved materials and feature absolute (Beta ratio 5000) removal ratings from 0.2 to 40μm. FINEPleat PP filter cartridges…

  • FINEPleat GF – Glass Fibre pleated filter cartridge

    Pleated glass fibre media provides high dirt holding capacity and absolute removal ratings (Beta ratio 5000) for consistent and reliable performance. FINEPleat GF filter cartridges…