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Plastic Cartridge Filter Housings

Single and multi plastic cartridge filter housings in Polypropylene, Nylon, PVC PVDF and glass fibre for process fluids that are corrosive to Stainless Steel.

Our plastic filter housing range is suitable for standard diameter cartridges (≈64mm), large diameter big blue cartridges (≈115mm) and high flow cartridges (≈160mm).

PORALine PIPP Polypropylene Cartridge Filter Housing

FFU-B cartridge filter housing for big blue/jumbo elements

FFU-N cartridge filter housing – Natural PP

PORALine PI cartridge filter housing (NSF 42 Certified)

SFPP cartridge filter housing – Polypropylene

PORALine PIBB/PIBC Big Blue Filter Housing

FLOWStream FLS - Plug & Play Sidestream Filters



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