Membrane Filter Cartridges

Membrane filter cartridges are used as a final filtration step for sterile or high efficiency filtration of liquids and gases.
STERIPleat Series membrane cartridges by Siga Filtration are manufactured in clean room environment and are fully traceable with batch and individual serial number. Hard outer cage protects the pleats from damage and protects the membrane during installation, cleaning & sanitisation. All STERIPleat membrane filter cartridges are manufactured from FDA approved components and suitable for food contact.

  • STERIPleat Nylon – Membrane filter cartridge

    STERIPleat Nylon cartridges use a naturally hydrophilic Nylon 6,6 membrane for bacteria removal/reduction. These filter cartridge are fully integrity testable and meet US FDA Title…

  • STERIPleat PES – Membrane filter cartridge

    STERIPleat PES membrane cartridges use a naturally hydrophilic PES membrane for bacteria removal/reduction. These filter cartridges are used for bioburden reduction in a range of…

  • STERIPleat PTFE – Membrane filter cartridge

    STERIPleat PTFE cartridges are used for sterile filtration of gases. These cartridges also provide excellent chemical compatibility in solvent and aggressive chemical filtration applications.

  • STERIPleat Vent – Sterile tank vent filtration

    STERIPleat Vent filters use a hydrophobic PTFE membrane for the removal/reduction of bacteria in tank venting and gas filtration applications. These filters can be used…