Depth Filter Cartridges

Depth filter cartridges are used to reduce particulate load before fine filtration (polishing) or to keep the process fluid clean for process use. These are excellent for general use and can be used for both and industrial and food applications with our FDA approved media. 

Available materials (Nominal or Absolute):
1) Polypropylene
2) Nylon
3) Polyester
4) Cotton
5) Glass fiber

Available sizes: 
2″, 5″, 9 3/4″, 10″, 13″, 20″, 30″, 40″, 50″, 60″
Standard diameter (63mm)
Big Blue diameter (110mm)

  • acuraMultiflow PP Spun Filter Cartridge

    acuraMultiflow is a nominal depth filter cartridge which provide exceptional performance in clarification and prefiltration applications. These cartridges work by trapping a wide range of…

  • acuraPromelt PP Spun Filter Cartridge (Absolute)

    acuraPromelt is an absolute rated depth filter cartridge for high efficiency particulate removal from liquids. This cartridge offers exceptional performance, long service life and low…

  • acuraPEpro Polyester Spun Filter Cartridge

    acuraPEpro filter cartridges are manufactured from Polyester and exhibit high temperature (up to 120°C) and chemical resistance. These cartridges provide outstanding performance in sidestream LTHW…

  • acuraPure Nylon depth filter cartridge

    acuraPure is a 100% Nylon spun filter cartridge for applications in paints, inks and chemicals. Nylon media is temperature resistant up to (120°C). All acuraPure…

  • CLARIWound String Wound Filter Cartridge

    CLARIWound string wound filter cartridges provide  excellent filtration in water, chemicals, oils and fuels. CLARIWound filter cartridges are available in cotton, Polypropylene, glass fibre, Ryton®…