Filter bags for Food & Beverage

Food grade filter bags in bag sizes 1, 2 3 & 4 in a range of materials and micron ratings for water, beer, juices and other food applications.

Felt bags are used for reducing particulates from water and have high dirt holding capacity.

Mesh bags are used for straining or sieving applications and will remove particles of a specific size.

  • BREWBag – Food grade filter bags

    BREWBag filter bags are ideal for applications in breweries, product infusions and flavour extraction in distilleries, speciality tea production, particulate removal from potable water and…

  • BP/BN filter bags – 10″ & 20″ bags for PBH housings

    For use in the PBH plastic bag housings, this range of bags proves a simple and economic solution for the removal of particulates. PBH bags…