Sizing Guide For PBH Bag Filter Housing And BP & BN Series Filter Bags

This sizing guide provides information for the initial sizing and selection of PBH Bag Filter Housing and BP & BN Series filter Bags.

Which filter bag material to use?

Considerations to make when choosing the best filter bag material.
Polypropylene felt for general reduction of particulates. Available micron ratings 1, 5, 10, 25, 50, 100, 200
Nylon mesh for removing particulates of a specific size or straining applications. Available micron ratings 50, 100, 200, 400, 600

Typical Water Flow Rates

Please the information below comparing filter size against flow rate.

Filter Size
PBH Size 10 Housing
PBH Size 20 Housing
Flow Rate
50 lpm (3 m3/h)
100 lpm (6 m3/h)

* With 25 micron PP felt bags
* * Please note that flow rates may vary depending on application – i.e. dirt load, viscosity, micron rating etc.

What is the Micron Rating of various particles?

A micron is a unit of measure and equals one thousandth of a millimetre.

  • 1mm = 1000 microns (micrometer)
  • 1 inch = 24,500 microns (imcrometer)


Micron Rating

Paint pigments0.1 – 5 micron
Corn starch0.1 – 10 micron
Face powder0.1 – 30 micron
Bacteria (Pharmaceutical applications)0.2 micron
Bacteria (Food applications, beer)0.45 or 0.65 micron
Fine clay0.5 – 1 micron
Copier toner0.5 – 15 micron
Coal dust1 – 100 micron
Yeast (food applications, beer)3 – 40 micron (average)
Silt, fine8 – 13 micron
Silt, coarse37 micron
Coffee5 – 400 micron
Ginger25 – 40 micron
Sand, very fine60 micron
Sand, fine125 – 250 micron
Beach sand500 – 700 micron
Coffee, espresso200 – 500 micron


The information in this guide is accurate to the best of our knowledge and provided for preliminary selection. It is your responsibility to determine if additional testing or information is required and if this product is fit for a particular purpose. Siga Filtration will not be responsible for any damages resulting from the use of this information.



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