Inline filters – Industrial & Food Grade

Inline filters from Siga Filtration

Inline filters provide an easy installation solution with minimum pipe modifications. Siga Filtration can offer compact inline filters with a flow rate capability of 0.5 – 300 m3/h. Inline filters can be supplied with Polypropylene filter elements, stainless steel elements, or cleanable stainless steel baskets. These filers usually come with inline connections for easy installation. Inline filters are widely used in the process industry and feature a compact design to allow for installation where space is limited or a filter needs to be added to a process retrospectively. Large basket type inline filters can be supplied for use in applications where a high flow rate is required, these are common for applications in HVAC, pump & valve protection, testing rigs, and transfer between tanks.

Flow rate capability & materials

Siga Filtration can supply inline filters for flow rates from 0.5 m3/h to 300 m3/h. These can be supplied in simplex or duplex arrangement. Our inline filters are available in plastic, stainless steel or cast iron depending on the application and can be used for the filtration of water, chemicals, oils, and food products.

Food grade inline filters

STERALine PBT filter housings are constructed from 316L stainless steel to food-grade specifications and come with FDA approved gaskets. In the food industry, these inline filters can be installed at the end of the production line for removing visible particulates, yeast, cryptosporidium, bacteria, and spoilage organisms. Sediment removal grades can also be used to capture particulates from feed water.

Inline water filters

Industrial Inline water filters can be used for coarse and fine filtration depending on the application. At the end of the production line, these are used for polishing applications. If installed upstream, these filters provide excellent reduction of particulates from feed or makeup water and provide ongoing removal of particulates. These can be used with polypropylene plastic filters, with a stainless steel mesh element or a cleanable basket. Our inline water filters can be supplied in cost-effective Polypropylene or industrial grade stainless steel. When used with carbon filters, these can remove chlorine, chloramine, colour, and odour from water. Standard connections are 1” on stainless steel filters and ¾” or 1” on plastic filters.

SF-IL inline filters

SF-IL series inline filters come with a bolted closure and a cleanable and removal mesh-lined stainless steel basket. These are suitable for high flow rate applications and feature a fully welded stainless steel construction. SF-IL series inline filters are available with 1” – 8” flanges, other connections and sizes can be manufactured on request. All models can be supplied with a fully assembled differential pressure gauge to indicate a blocked filter.

Inline filters for beer, vodka, whisky, beverages, food products

Our STERALine PBT inline cartridge filter housings in 316 stainless steel come with sanitary tri-clamp, RJT, SMS, DIN11851 connections and are constructed from food-grade materials. These can be used with polymeric filter elements and provide a reduction of particulates down to 0.2 micron. The connections are inline which can either be used with fixed pipework or flexible hoses. The top dome can be removed to fully expose the elements during maintenance.

Inline filters for chemicals

1FU inline filter housing can be supplied with a mesh element for coarse removal of particulates. The mesh elements are constructed from stainless steel and available in micron ratings from 50 – 3000 micron. These inline filters can be supplied with PTFE gaskets for corrosive applications. Stainless steel mesh elements can be cleaned and reused.

Inline filters for CNC machine coolant

1FU inline filter housings provide a compact particulate removal solution and keep the cutting fluid in good health. These can be used with acuraMultiflow filter elements rated from 1 to 200 micron.

Inline filters for raw material transfers

F-SF basket inline filters have been specially designed to filter sediment during tank transfers, these are suitable for both food & industrial applications and can be supplied with threaded, cam locks, or dairy connections. Filtering raw material at the point of entry avoids particulates entering the process.

Duplex inline filters

Our duplex inline basket filters provide a solution for continuous flow. These are available in cast iron or stainless steel in a range of basket mesh ratings. These can be supplied with a DP gauge to indicate a blocked filter.



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