Siga Filtration has more than a decade of experience in offering filtration solutions for applications in process, food & beverage, water and pharmaceutical industry. We work with engineers and operators to design, improve and upgrade filtration systems.

Our industrial grade bag filter housings provide a reliable first filtration step in most industrial applications these are cost effective and capable of handling high dirt loads and flow rates. Uninterrupted flow can be provided with our duplex bag filter housings which are supplied fully assembled in duty/standby arrangement with butterfly or ball valves. Hygienic range of FBH bag filter housings has been designed for the food & beverage industry, these housings are suitable for the filtration of beer, spirits, kombucha, juices, non alcoholic beverages and water for food industry. All bag filter housings are available in industry standard sizes for 4” and 7” diameter filter bags.

acuraBag industrial filter bags are used throughout the industry for the filtration of process heating & cooling water, chemicals, oils, paints, inks and fuels. These filter bags are available in micron ratings from 0.5 – 2000 micron in Polypropylene, Polyester or Nylon mesh materials. CLARIbag filter socks can be manufactured to custom sizes for bespoke applications. BREWBag micron filter bags are manufactured from food grade components for applications in the food & beverage industry. All our industrial and food grade bag filter housings can be used with filter bags or stainless steel mesh baskets which are removable and cleanable.

Our chemical filtration solutions provide excellent removal of particulates down to 0.2 micron. Coarse particulates can be removed with our chemical filters prior to blending or mixing. Where stainless steel is not compatible, we can supply chemical filtration products in PVC, Polypropylene or PTFE. All chemical filter housings are fully compliant with PED 2014/68/EU. Siga Filtration can supply cartridge filter housings and bag filter housings for industrial and food & beverage applications. In addition to our standard range, we can also offer bespoke filter housings and filtration skids in a variety of layouts and combinations. Fully customised filter housings can be manufactured to customer specifications. Some examples of bespoke filter housings include jacketed vessels, lined filter housings for corrosive chemicals, high pressure filter housings, high temperature filter housings and skid mounted filter housings complete with pumps and remote monitoring solutions. Our multi stage filtration systems are supplied fully assembled and can be used for staged removal of particulates. This filtration method provides long service life and minimises disruption and frequent maintenance.

Inline filters provide an easy installation solution, these can be installed between pipework and minimum site modification is required. Our inline filters can be supplied in simplex or duplex arrangement. In addition, we can also supply small inline filters on 1” or ½” lines with a mesh element. These are available in micron ratings of 50 – 2000 micron as standard, other micron ratings can be supplied on request.

Siga Filtration recently introduced FLOWStream FLS sidestream filters, these plug and play units are easy to install and provide particulate and rust removal on chilled and hot water HVAC circuits. Sidestream filters provide a cost effective solution to full flow filtration by filtering the complete system volume several times a day.

SF-IL inline basket filters provide protection of pumps and downstream equipment. Vodka, whisky, gin, kombucha and other beverages require high efficiency particulate removal filters for polishing before bottling, our FINEPleat PP filter elements provide reliable removal of fine particulates down to 0.2 micron. . Diesel and biodiesel can develop sludge and contaminants when stored for long periods of time, Siga Filtration offers a wide range of products for filtration and polishing of diesel fuels for transport industry and emergency power.

Siga Filtration has worked with some of the largest industrial manufacturers in the UK. Some of our recent successful installations involve sidestream filtration of chilled and hot water circuits, filtration of diesel and biodiesel, filtration of industrial water, filtration of CNC machine coolants and cutting fluid, filtration in the food & beverage industry and filtration of beer.