Filter Bags Selection & Use

Bag Filtration Systems

Our bag filtration systems are widely used for the reduction of sediment from industrial and food applications due to their high flow rate capability, easy maintenance, and rugged design. Siga Filtration can offer filter bags for general particulate removal and high-efficiency removal of particulates. For high flow rate applications, Siga Filtration can offer multi-bag filter housings that can handle flow rates of up to 400 m3/h. All standard filter bags are supplied with integrated handles for easy removal from filter housings. Filter bags are available with removal ratings from 0.5 – 1800 µm.

Which filter bag material to use?

Considerations to make when choosing the best filter bag material.
Polypropylene felt for general reduction of particulates. Available micron ratings 1, 5, 10, 25, 50, 100, 200
Nylon mesh for removing particulates of a specific size or straining applications. Available micron ratings 50, 100, 200, 400, 600

Filter Bag Temperature Ratings:

Our filter bag temperature ratings are as followed:

Filter Material
Polyester felt
Nylon monofilament
Max Temperature

*Temperature ratings depend on application and process fluid

Specifications for Siga Filtration Filter Bags & Socks

Siga Filtration can supply filter socks in Polypropylene felt, Polyester felt, and Nylon mesh. Polypropylene felt has wide chemical compatibility and is suitable for most industrial, water and chemical applications up to an operating temperature of 80°C. Polyester felt filter socks have a high-temperature resistance (up to 120°C with SS or Polyester ring). These filter bags also provide excellent resistance against hydrocarbons and are a material of choice for the filtration and polishing of gasoline, diesel, biodiesel, and other fuels. Both Polyester and Polypropylene felt filter bags provide clarification of particles. These filter bags also provide removal of gelatinous or deformable particles due to the depth of the filter medium. Nylon monofilament mesh filter bags remove particles by sieving and are used for the classification of particles.

Filter Bags
Filter Bag Sizes
Size 1
7" x 16"
Size 2
7" x 32"
Size 3
4" x 8.8"
Size 4
4" x 15"
Max Flow Rate
20 m3/h
40 m3/h
6 m3/h
12 m3/h

*For water applications only, please contact sales for other applications.

Filter Bag Chemical Compatibility

Our standard filter bags provide broad chemical compatibility in industrial and chemical applications.

*Chemical resistance depends on operating temperature, process fluid, and application. The material should be soak        tested prior to use.

Applications for Filter Bags & Socks

Brewery Solutions
Paint Filtration
Removal of coarse and fine particles
Protection of fine filters (e.g. fine filter cartridges)
Food & beverage
Straining applications
CNC machine coolant
Water Filtration
CNC machine coolant
Food & Beverage

Other Filter Bags

Extended Life & High Grade Filter Bags

Filter Bags For Paints & Coolants

Food Grade Filter Bags

Filter Bags For Oils, Chemicals & Coolants

Filter Bags For Water



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