What information do you need to prepare a quotation?

A brief outline of your application, flow rate, operating pressure and temperature are usually enough to get started. We can then contact you if we have any questions.

We can still help with filter selection if your project is in initial stages and this information is not available. Please contact us to discuss your requirements.

Is it possible to trial a filter?

Yes we encourage customers to run trials for complex applications, if practical. We have a range of mini filters which are ideal for small scale trials.  We also provide technical support during trials and help with filter selection.

Do you provide installation support?

Yes installations are straight forward, any pipe fitter should be able to install our filters easily. All filters come with an installation manual.

We continue to work with customers after installation and provide support as their requirements change.

What is the life of filters?

Filter life is different for each application. We discuss expectations with customers and provide a solution which will provide reasonable life for their unique application.

Can you replace filters by other manufacturers?

Yes, as long as the filter is in our product range, we can replace housings and/or media with no loss of performance. This also allows customers to reduce their consumables cost.

Can I reuse filters?

Stainless steel mesh baskets and elements are washable and reusable. Some plastic elements can also be reused. Please discuss your requirements.

How to tell if a filter is blocked?

Please use our acuraDP differential pressure gauge which provides a visual indication of blocked filters. This can also be combined with a reed switch to send an external signal.

acuraControl unit provides monitoring and logging of important parameters and allows integration with plc.

How long does it take to replace the filters?

Filter changeout is a quick process and usually takes 15 – 30 mins for standard vessels.

We can provide duty/standby filters for uninterrupted flow.