Beer Filtration


Beer production has been steadily increasing across Europe, with Germany and United Kingdom being the biggest producers and consumers respectively.  Figures from British Beer and Pub association show that there are now more than 1,400 breweries in the UK. Rising popularity of craft beers and artisanal products has further fuelled this trend and nearly 500 microbreweries opened in the UK last year.

Beer is intrinsically resistant to bacterial growth due to high alcohol, low pH, high CO2, low Oxygen and iso-alpha acid (hop compounds). Depending on process (e.g. unpasteurised or unfiltered craft beer), hygiene, level of attenuation and ethanol resistance, certain bacteria strains like Lactic acid bacteria LAB (affect smells, consistency), Acetic acid bacteria (produce vinegar from alcohol) and wild yeasts can spoil beer, create off flavours, haze and produce undesirable aromas.

Siga Filtration has introduced a range of filtration products to help brewers deal with contaminants at various stages of brewing process. See how our products can help improve the quality of your beer and produce a more organoleptic product:

– Particulates from diatomaceous earth or PVPP
– Contaminants from water and production equipment – rust, sediment etc.
– Wild yeasts
– Resistant bacteria strains e.g. Lactic acid and acetic acid bacteria
– Chill haze (Reversible haze which forms when beer is cooled to 0°C or lower and dissolves when the temperature is raised. This haze, if left untreated, will develop into permanent haze over time. )

– Manufactured from FDA approved components
– Meet or exceed the requirement of latest EC directive for food contact.
– Suitable for repeated hot water sanitisation cycles
– Tested using industry approved test methods for reliable removal of particulates and microbes
– Excellent dirt holding capacity for increased life, reduced cost and labour
– Hygienic 316L stainless steel filter housing with free flowing design to discourage microbial growth.
– Manufactured in ISO cleanroom environment with fully gowned staff to minimise risk of contamination.


Clarification of beer
FINEPleat GF filter cartridges are used for the clarification of beer to a clear and bright finish without affecting taste. Beta 5000 removal efficiency (99.98% removal) provides reliable removal of particulates and yeast. A natural positive charge also helps reduce haze forming compounds.

Microbiological stabilisation of beer:
STERIPleat Bev is a polyethersulphone membrane filter cartridge which is ideal for microfiltration of beer at 0.45 micron or 0.65 micron. This filter is used for reliable removal of bacteria. STERIPleat Bev filter cartridges are individually integrity tested using diffusive flow test for process reliability. These filters are also validated for bacterial removal according to HIMA guidelines and ASTM F838-05, with a log reduction value >7.

Protection of sterilising filters
BREWPleat GF filter cartridges have a 99.98% removal efficiency, and trap particulates, microorganisms and other contaminants that might block sterilising membranes. We recommend using a 0.8 micron BREWPleat GF filter cartridge prior to 0.45 micron STERIPleat Bev filter to extend the life of membranes.

Filtration of gases
– Air and carbon dioxide used in beer production can introduce microbiological contamination. STERIPleat Vent 0.2 micron membrane filters are used for sterile filtration of CO2 and air vents on tanks.

Trap Filtration (DE and PVPP fines)
DE filters are extensively used in beer production and any fines carried over from bulk filtration can result in unwanted haze or turbidity. BREWPleat PP filter cartridges are absolute (99.98%) rated filter cartridges which provide efficient removal of fines resulting in a bright product.

Rinse water for kegs and bottles
Rinse water may contain bacteria which could spoil beer after packaging. STERIPleat Bev filter cartridges are used to remove microorganisms from wash water to avoid contamination of final product.

Siga filtration offers a wide range of Stainless Steel filter housings for all filtration stages. Our STERALine range of hygienic filter housings is manufactured from 316L Stainless Steel and comes with hygienic connections (Triclamp, DIN11851 and many others) for food industry. All filter housings are PED compliant and manufactured according to German design code AD2000.

Hygienic filter housings have been designed with food applications in mind and come with a standard internal finish of 0.8Ra and an optional finish of 0.4Ra. All STERALine filter housings feature a free flowing design to eliminate dead pockets of flow and discourage bacterial growth. There is a range of FDA approved gasket materials to ensure compatibility with process fluid. There is a full range of accessories to complement our food grade hygienic filter housing range.

In addition to filter housings, we also design and build fully mobile filtration units or filtration skids based on customer requirements. Mobile filtration units can be supplied with one or multiple filtration stages and come complete with wheels, hoses and quick disconnect couplings for a truly mobile system.


  • We can advise on all stages of filtration projects from running trials to filter selection, sizing and delivery.
  • Over ten years experience in designing and selecting filtration equipment.
  • Comprehensive range of filtration products allows us to select the best filter for your application.
  • All filtration products comply fully with latest regulations and pressure vessel design codes.