Airbus Chiller Upgrade with Siga Filtration

Airbus Chiller Upgrade with Siga Filtration

Airbus Defence and Space teams focus on the design and manufacture of advanced satellites and systems for telecommunications, earth observation, and navigation and science programmes. They also support the UK’s military satellite communications services to the UK armed forces, including mobile voice, video, Internet and broadcast communications.


We were approached by design contractors for chiller upgrade project to offer our filters for Sidestream Filtration of Chilled Water Circuit (CHW). This was a large system with a flow rate requirement of 50m3/hr.

Filters were required to remove particulates and avoid build-up of solids in recirculating water which can cause heat exchanger fouling and render chemical water treatment ineffective.


Siga Filtration offered Duplex Bag Filter Housing System 2BFOS2 in duty/duty arrangement to cope with high flow rate demands. This unit was supplied with a fully assembled differential pressure gauge to provide a visual indication of blocked filters.

Benefits of using sidestream filters by Siga Filtration

Siga Filtration provides filtration solutions for chilled water (CHW), low temperature hot water (LTHW) and medium temperature hot water (MTHW) circuits.



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