Side Stream Filtration


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Side Stream filtration provides a cost effective solution to full flow filtration. These units work by continuously filtering a small percentage of flow and returning the clean filtered water back to process. Side stream filters remove suspended solids, organic contamination and silt particles and are typically designed for 5 – 10% of flow rate. This ensures that complete system volume is filtered at regular intervals to avoid build up of rust, sediment and biological contamination.

Another advantage of side stream filtration is that filters can be serviced without any disruption to process. A properly sized side stream filtration unit is critical and should be able to handle high dirt loads, high temperature and provide reasonable life between filter changeouts.

Prefiltration Housing (Sediment, scale & rust removal)

BFOS Bag Filter Housing  Duplex Bag Filtration Units

BFOS Series bag filter housings can be supplied with a magnet assembly for capturing rust particles. These can also be supplied in duty/duty or duty/standby arrangement and provide efficient prefiltration.


Prefiltration Bags (Sediment, scale & rust removal)

acuraBag Filter Bags

acuraBag filter bags are available in Polyester for temperature resistance and Polypropylene for chilled water filtration. These filter bags not only provide protection for the cartridge filter but also removal bulk of coarse impurities.


Fine filtration housing

FWC Multi Cartridge Filter Housing   FWK Multi Cartridge Filter Housing

FWK or FWC Series multi cartridge filter housings are an excellent choice for fine filtration in closed loop circuits. When combined when our bag housings in two step filtration, they provide a powerful solution to contaminant reduction.


Fine filtration cartridges


acuraPEpro Polyester filter cartridges are heat resistant filters for hot water circuits.

acuraMultiflow Polypropylene filter cartridges provide excellent filtration in chilled water circuits.

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