STERIPleat Bev – PES Membrane Filter Cartridge for Beverage Filtration

STERIPleat Bev filter cartridges are specially designed for applications in beverage industry. Typical applications include clarification, bioburden reduction, cold stabilisation, sterilisation of wines and beers and removal of yeast and spoilage organisms. Low colour removal is an additional advantage.

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STERIPleat Bev PES Membrane Filter Cartridge for Beverage Filtration
Reduction of bioburden in beer production
Yeast and haze reduction
Cold stabilisation of beer
Removal of spoilage organisms and bacteria from beer
Sterile beer filtration
Sterile filtration of wine
Final filtration of beer, wine, soft drinks and bottled water.
Media Hydrophilic Polyethersulphone Membrane
Microbial removal Validated for bacterial removal according to HIMA guidelines and ASTM F838-05.
Log reduction value >7
Integrity Each module is individually integrity tested and flushed with pure water.
Traceability Individual & batch identification with serial number.
Controlled manufacturing Manufactured in ISO clean room environment.
Micron ratings 0.2, 0.45, 0.65 & 1.2μm
Lengths Junior 125mm, 254mm, 508mm, 762mm, 1016mm (5”, 10”, 20”, 30”, 40”)
Diameter 70mm (2.8”)
Effective filtration area 0.69m2 (7.4ft2) per 254mm (10” module)
Filter membrane Polyethersulphone
Membrane support Polypropylene
Drainage layer Polypropylene
Inner core Polypropylene
Outer cage Polypropylene
End fittings Polypropylene
Support ring Stainless Steel
Gaskets & O-Rings FDA approved Ethylene Propylene , PTFE encapsulated, Silicone, Viton, Nitrile
Operating Temperature  
Maximum continuous 85-90°C (185-194°F)
Sterilisation In situ steam 80 x 20 minute cycles at 125°C (257°F).
Hot water 100 x 20 minute cycles at 90°C (194°F).
Maximum Differential Pressure
Normal Flow direction at:
20°C (68°F) 6.0bar (87psi)
80°C (176°F) 4.0bar (58psi)
100°C (212°F) 3.0bar (43psi)
120°C (248°F) 2.0bar (29psi)
Reverse flow direction at:
20°C (68°F) 2.1bar (30psi)
80°C (176°F) 1.0bar (15psi)
100°C (212°F) 0.5bar (7psi)
Material conformity
Materials The bio-safety of all materials is assured by FDA approval, USP Class VI and meets or exceeds the latest EC Directives for Food Contact.

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