FINEPleat GFP – Pleated Glass Fibre Cartridge with Polyester Hardware

FINEPleat GFP filter cartridges have been specially designed for filtration of industrial fuels and chemicals – diesel, biodiesel, gasoline, biodiesel blends. These filter cartridges feature absolute rated glass fibre media with polyester support and drainage layers. Polyester construction provides thermal resistance up to 120°C and chemical resistance in fuel and chemical applications. All FINEPleat GFP cartridges come with absolute retention ratings and industry standard end cap styles.

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FINEPleat GFP – Pleated Glass fibre cartridge with Polyester Hardware
High temperature filtration
Filtration of gasoline
Filtration of diesel
Filtration of biodiesel
Filtration of fuels
Filtration of chemicals
Hot water flushing and rinsing
Solvent based cleaning agents
Media Absolute rated borosilicate glass fibre. Polyester support & drainage layers.
Structure Graded multi-layer media structure.
Removal ratings Absolute
Traceability Identification with batch serial number.
Micron ratings 1, 3, 5, 10, 25μm
Lengths 125mm, 254mm, 508mm, 762mm, 1016mm (5”,10”, 20”, 30”, 40”)
Diameter 68mm (2.68”)
Effective filtration area 0.4m2 per 254mm (10” module)
Filtration media Absolute Glass fibre
Prefiltration layer Polyester
Support layers Polyester
Inner core Polyester
Outer support Polyester
End fitting Polyester
Gaskets & O-Rings Ethylene Propylene , FEP encapsulated Viton, Silicone, Viton, Nitrile
Operating Temperature  
Maximum continuous 120°C
Maximum Differential Pressure
2.5 bar @ 120°C
(Please note that this is not the changeout differential pressure, please see below.)
Maximum Changeout Differential Pressure
1.5 bar
Material conformity
Materials All material components are thermally bonded without the use of adhesives and binders.

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