Filtration Skids


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Filtration skids provide a versatile solution for mobile applications (batch processing), temporary filtration projects, site upgrades and retrofits.

  • Mobile or static filtration units
  • Fork lift channels or lifting eyes
  • Multiple filtration units
  • Compact design
  • Optional valves, pumps, gauges
  • Customer Specified options

Skid mounted filtration systems are versatile and powerful units which can be used for:

  • Temporary filtration
  • Mobile filtration, where the units needs to be moved to different parts of the plant or site. These can also be loaded to a vehicle and moved from job to job.
  • Filtration in remote areas where a packaged fully assembled filtration system would provide the best solution.
  • Project filtration where filtration equipment is only required for the duration of project
  • Maintenance or service applications like tank cleaning etc
  • Filtration skids can compliment filtration capacity or efficiency of existing filtration equipment.
  • Filtration skids can be employed with little or no modification to existing plant layout.
  • Process improvements
  • Filtration skids can provide significant cost saving for manufacturing processes where dedicated filters are not required for each product line.

Siga Filtration can offer custom designed filtration skids for use in water, process, pharmaceutical and beverage industry. All skids are fully mobile and can be moved using fork lifts. Smaller filtration skids can be mounted on a trolley and wheeled with handles.

  • Single or multiple filters on skid to accommodate various filtration stages i.e. pre-filtration, fine filtration etc.
  • Filter skids can be supplied with hygienic finish, integrity test points, steam and compressed air lines for CIP and SIP for pharmaceutical or beverage industry.
  • Hose couplings on filtration skids provide an easy way to quickly connect/disconnect hoses for mobile applications.
  • Filtration skids can be supplied with filters in duty/duty or duty/standby configuration.
  • Range of connection options e.g. flanged, tri-clamp, threaded etc.

All filtration skids are built to order and work is started after drawing approval by the customer.

Please contact us to send your enquiry for price and availability on filtration skids.

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