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Process and site requirements can vary from site to site and it is not always convenient to modify pipe work to suit standard filter housings. Physical constraints like on site space restrictions, height, position and connection type of your inlet/outlet pipe work, process parameter requirements etc. can make it very difficult to work with the standard off the shelf design of filter housings. This can create extra work for operator, increase equipment down time and affect performance of filtration system. At Siga Filtration we have identified this problem and can work with the customer to supply custom built filtration systems to meet your specific application and site requirements. Filter Housings can be built to order based on your design, drawings and instructions. Please email with your process requirements including as much detail as possible and we will be in touch with a detailed proposal. Alternatively you can call us on +44 (0) 1276 482 951.

  • Corrosion resistant materials
  • High temperature or pressure ratings
  • Custom connection orientation
  • Connection Types
  • Finish

Material of construction:

Standard materials of construction for metal housings are 304 or 316 Stainless Steel however Hastelloy and other exotic materials are also available on request.

High Pressure or High Temperature Filter Housings:

Standard filter housings are limited by pressure and temperature ratings which are up to 10 bar and 150 degreed Celsius for most standard cartridge and bag filtration housings.  Siga Filtration can supply high temperature and pressure filter housings to suit your process requirements.

Connection Type/Size:

All filter housings can be supplied with customised connection types and sizes based on your site requirements. A range of sanitary connections like Tri Clamp, DIN 11851, RJTM, SMSM and industrial connections like Slip on and weld neck flanges are available.


Certain applications in beverage or pharmaceutical industry require hygienic design to eliminate dead pockets of liquids which can provide conditions for microbial growth. Siga Filtration can supply clean sanitary filter housings in single or multi cartridge arrangement suitable for liquid or gas applications . Sanitary Filter housings are available with 0.8Ra finish as standard (optional 0.4Ra) or 0.2Ra on request.

Duplex (Duty/Duty) or (Duty/Standby) Filtration Systems:

At Siga Filtration we understand that sometimes it is not possible to take your process offline to replace filter bags or filter cartridges. We can solve this problem by offering quality Duplex filtration systems in duty/standby arrangement. One unit can be completed isolated for maintenance using valves while the other remains operational. Duplex filter units are available for both cartridge and bag housings. Filter housings can be supplied mounted on a trolley or a skid with a full range of customisable options including three way valves for diverting flow, pre filters, connection types, pumps, pressure gauges etc. Duty/duty filtration systems are also available. Please send an email to for more details on duplex filtration systems.

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