CLARIWound String Wound Filter Cartridge

CLARIWound string wound filter cartridges provide depth filtration by trapping particles throughout the filtration media and provide excellent filtration in water, chemicals, oils and fuels. Standard cartridges are supplied with 1″ internal and 2.5″ outer diameter. Big blue or jumbo version comes with 1″ internal and 4.5″ outer diameter. These can also be produced in custom diameters and lengths. CLARIWound filter cartridges are available in cotton, Polypropylene, glass fibre, Ryton® PPS and other special media. Stainless steel core is available for high temperature and DP resistance. Advanced winding process ensures low media migration and high dirt holding capacity.

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Filtration Efficiency


Filtration Media



Glass Fibre


String Wound

Micron Ratings

1µ – 150µ (depending on media)


5″, 10”, 20”, 30”, 40”

(Special non standard lengths available, please contact technical team on

End Cap Configurations


Operating Temperature

Polypropylene 65 °C

Cotton 120 °C

Glass Fibre 400°C

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