acuraOil PRO+

High capacity oil removal of up to 3500 grams of oil with size 2 element. Easy installation in standard bag housings, no modifications required. Rolled PP fleece media works by physical adsorption and binds dissolved, emulsified and dispersed oil from water. Up to 95% retention in single pass.

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Construction Polypropylene construction with strong outer cage.
Oil removal Dissolved, emulsified and dispersed oil
Design Novel support collar for easy installation and bypass free filtration.
Flow direction In to out flow direction traps oil and dirt inside the filter, allowing for safe disposal.
Retrofits Easy to install inside existing bag housings without any modifications. *
Magnet assembly Easy to install optional magnetic bar inside the element for rust removal.
Operator safety Integrated handle for easy removal.
Applications Bilge water, trace oil, surface water, degreasing, industrial discharge water.
Average Oil Removal (grams)
Size 1 Up to 1500g
Size 2 Up to 3500g
Max. operating 80°C
Max ΔP @ 20°C 2.4 bar
Max ΔP @ 80°C 1.0 bar
Flow direction In to out
Media Polypropylene
Outer cage & collar Polypropylene
Handle Polypropylene

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