Full Flow Filtration of Chilled Water, Hot Water & LTHW in HVAC Systems


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We have been approached by customers who have preferred full flow filtration systems for removal of rust, sediment and also for biological control in HVAC hot water, LTHW and chilled water loops. Our BFOS Series multi bag filter housings can cope with high system flow rates and come in 4, 6, 8 & 12 bag configurations. These filter housings can take our magnetic assemblies for high efficiency removal of rust particles from chilled or hot water loops.

Multi Bag Filter Housings for Full Flow Filtration

Multi Bag Filter Housings

BFOS Series Multi Bag filter housings are robust industrial grade units, designed to cope with high flow rates. These units have been designed with operator safety in mind and come with lid locking mechanism to prevent accidental closure. An optional bag fitting tool can also be supplied to make bag installation easier. Multi bag filter housings provide an economical solution for full flow filtration in HVAC chilled water, hot water and LTHW circuits.


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