Protect your tools & improve surface finish; CNC Machine Coolant Filtration

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Coolant Function

Machine coolants not only provide efficient heat transfer but also remove chips from work surfaces and prevent the tools from re-cutting or welding on to materials or chips. Filtration of machine coolant can reduce wear by removing chips from coolant, provide efficient heat transfer, reduce the risk of tooling fracture and increase tool life.

Benefits of filtering CNC coolant

Filtration of CNC coolant can

  • Increase coolant life
  • Reduce bacterial growth
  • Provide better surface finish
  • Increase tool life
  • Prevent nozzle blockage
  • Increase life of coolant system

A correctly sized CNC coolant filter should:

  • Provide low clean pressure drop to avoid slowing down coolant flow rate
  • Remove chips of all sizes and shapes throughout the depth of the cartridge
  • Compatible with the coolant (should not swell or break down in the coolant)
  • Provide reasonable life to avoid frequent change outs and down time

CNC Coolant Cartridge Filter Housing (Low flow rate solution)

1FU Single Cartridge Filter Housing

Robust 1FU Series single cartridge filter housings provide an excellent solution for coolant filtration. These Stainless Steel units have a small foot print and are ideal for filtering small CNC coolant volumes. 1FU filter cartridge housings come with a strong threaded closure and a pressure rating of 25 bar. All materials are compatible with both oil based or synthetic coolants.

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CNC Coolant Filter Cartridges (for 1FU filter housings)


acuraMultiflow filter cartridges feature a graded density structure, which enables the filters to catch particles throughout the depth of the element. These filters are ideal for clarification applications. Manufactured from 100% Polypropylene media, acuraMultiflow cartridges provide excellent chemical resistance and dirt holding capacity. These are available in a range of fine and coarse filtration grades.

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CNC Coolant Bag Filter Housing (High flow rate solution)

BFOS Bag Filter Housing

BFOS bag filter housings are ideal for high flow rate coolant systems. These rugged bag filtration units are manufactured from Stainless Steel and come with a strong hinged lid to withstand heavy duty use. These units are supplied mounted on adjustable legs for easy installation and are available for bag sizes 1 & 2.

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CNC Coolant Filter Bags (for BFOS Bag Filter Housings)

acurabag acuraBag; Industrial Filter Bag; Filter Bag; Industrial Grade Filter Bag; Polypropylene Felt Filter Bag; Polyester Felt Filter Bag; Nylon Monofilament FIlter Bag; 7" x 16" Filter Bag; 7"X 32" Filter bag; 4" Diameter Filter Bag; Water Filter Bag;

acuraBag Polypropylene filter bags are manufactured from 100% PP and come with a moulded collar which provides excellent sealing inside the filter housing. These filter bags are capable of removing high dirt loads from CNC coolants and provide excellent service life.

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