Sediment filters are used to remove sand, silt, scale, rust particles and organic matter from water and process fluids. Suspended iron and manganese can also be removed by sediment filters after treatment like aeration.

Some reasons why sediment filters might be required:

  • Part of water treatment program
  • Meet regulatory requirements
  • Protection of downstream equipment
  • Prefiltration in a multi stage filtration system
  • Prefiltration of feed water to RO and UV systems
  • Clarification

Sediment filters work by removing a range of particles throughout the fibre matrix. Spun filter cartridges by Siga filtration provide reliable sediment removal and are available in Polypropylene, Nylon and Polyester for process compatibility.  Filter bags are also available for sediment filtration in high flow rate/particulate applications.

Some examples of sediment filtration:

  • Protection of RO membranes to prevent premature fouling
  • Prefiltration of UV feed water to facilitate UV light exposure
  • Sediment filtration in closed loop cooling water circuits
  • Sediment removal from chilled water and hot water in HVAC
  • Protection of nozzles
  • Protection of pumps and valves
  • Protection of downstream filtration equipment
  • Prefiltration of carbon cartridges to increase life

We understand sediment filtration in industrial applications and all filters are designed to withstand rigorous operating conditions. Cartridges resist premature plugging due to an open pore size on the outside to capture larger particles and progressively smaller pores near the core to trap smaller particles.  In high dirt load applications, our acuraBag filter bags can be used for prefiltration. High strength magnets can be installed in bag filter housings to provide a dual solution for sediment filtration.

acuraMultiflow sediment filter cartridges perform exceptionally well in non critical applications. Manufactured from 100% Polypropylene, acuraMultiflow cartridges are highly porous and provide low clean pressure drop at high flow rates. Manufactured from FDA approved materials, these cartridges are also suitable for food contact.

acuraPromelt is a high efficiency filter cartridge, removing 99.9% percent of particles at the rated pore size. These cartridges feature 100% Polypropylene construction and FDA approved materials suitable for use in food industry. These are also useful for removing particles of a specific size due to their efficiency rating.

acuraPure is a 100% Nylon filter cartridge for sediment filtration, resistant up to 120°C and suitable for chemicals or operating conditions where Polypropylene is not suitable.

acuraPEpro is a 100% Polyester filter cartridge for sediment filtration, resistant up to 120°C and suitable for chemicals or operating conditions where Polypropylene is not suitable.

acuraBag filter bags are excellent for high flow rate filtration or applications where magnetic removal needs to be combined with sediment filtration. These are available in Polypropylene, Polyester and Nylon and a range of micron ratings and sizes.

We also have a complete range of bag and cartridge filter housings to complement our filter cartridges and filter bags. These are available in plastic and Stainless Steel and can be designed to suit customer requirements.

  • acuraMultiflow PP Spun Filter Cartridge

    acuraMultiflow depth filter cartridges provide exceptional performance in clarification and prefiltration applications. These cartridges work by trapping a wide range of particle sizes throughout the fibre matrix. 100% Polypropylene construction provides excellent thermal and chemical resistance, making acuraMultiflow filter cartridges ideal for use in water and chemicals.

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  • acuraBag Industrial Filter Bags

    acuraBag Filter Bags offer a cost effective solution for high flow rate filtration. Self-aligning design of moulded collar provides hermetic sealing inside the basket. Collars are manufactured from the same material as the bag to provide excellent chemical compatibility. Available in a range of micron ratings and industry standard sizes, all acuraBag filter bags are Silicone free, come with integrated handles for easy removal and supplied individually wrapped to avoid contamination. Polyester felt material is ideal for high temperature applications.

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  • acuraPromelt PP Spun Filter Cartridge (Absolute)

    acuraPromelt is an absolute rated depth filter cartridge for high efficiency particulate removal from liquids. This cartridge offers exceptional performance, long service life and low pressure drop. Manufactured from 100% Polypropylene, acuraPromelt is completely free from glue and binders.

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  • acuraPEpro Polyester Spun Filter Cartridge

    acuraPEpro filter cartridges are manufactured from 100% Polyester and exhibit high temperature (up to 120°C) and chemical resistance. These cartridges provide outstanding performance in sidestream LTHW & MTHW circuits by removing scale, rust and sediment from hot water. All acuraPEpro filter cartridge come with an internal support core for additional strength in high temperature applications.

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  • acuraPure Nylon Filter Cartridge

    acuraPure is a 100% Nylon spun filter cartridge for applications in paints, inks and chemicals. Nylon media is temperature resistant up to (120°C). All acuraPure cartridges are manufactured with a support core for differential pressure resistance in viscous solutions. These cartridges provide high efficiency filtration and also comply with EC1935/2004 for food contact.

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  • CLARIWound String Wound Filter Cartridge

    CLARIWound string wound filter cartridges provide depth filtration by trapping particles throughout the filtration media and provide excellent filtration in water, chemicals, oils and fuels. Standard cartridges are supplied with 1″ internal and 2.5″ outer diameter. Big blue or jumbo version comes with 1″ internal and 4.5″ outer diameter. These can also be produced in custom diameters and lengths. CLARIWound filter cartridges are available in cotton, Polypropylene, glass fibre, Ryton® PPS and other special media. Stainless steel core is available for high temperature and DP resistance. Advanced winding process ensures low media migration and high dirt holding capacity.

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